Overview of the most important AgTech investors in the world

Overview of the most important AgTech investors in the world

What is AgTech and what is its potential?

In 2021, around 10% of the world’s population (768 million people) suffered from malnutrition. With an estimated population growth to 9.7 billion people by 2050 and advancing climate change, there is great concern that the problem of food shortages will continue to worsen.

Confronting these crises is the goal of many AgTech startups. They are working on solutions for more efficient and sustainable agriculture. The approaches are extremely diverse and creative. Various startups are trying to improve crop yields, find new ways to store and process food, or make livestock farming more sustainable. New farming methods such as vertical farming are also being developed to ensure food security today and in the future.

These and many other developments in the field of agricultural technology are not only interesting for farmers, but also for venture capital investors. The Agtech market is growing rapidly and already has a total volume of $20 billion. By 2030, the global Agtech market is expected to surpass $40 billion. As the sector continues to grow, so too does the number of investors looking to capitalize on the potential of AgTech startups.

On our portal thousandinvestors we have compiled a list of the 400 largest AgTech venture capital investors. An overview of individual important players in this space is linked below.

List of Biotech investor blog posts:

AgTech startup investor from Singapore: BEENEXT

AgTech startup investor from Paris: Sofinnova Partners

AgTech startup investor from Montréal: Real Ventures

AgTech startup investor from Tokyo: Incubate Fund

AgTech startup investor from London: Parkwalk Advisors

AgTech startup investor from Porto: Portugal Ventures

AgTech startup investor from Washington: Revolution

AgTech startup investor from Ottawa: Sustainable Development Technology Canada

AgTech startup investor from New York: Eniac Ventures

AgTech startup investor from Montréal: Fonds de solidarité FTQ


image source: D O M I N I K J P W via Unsplash (14.12.2022)

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