AgTech startup investor from Washington: Revolution

AgTech startup investor from Washington: Revolution

This article is based on the ranking of the 400 most important AgTech investors.

The Washington-based AgTech startup investor Revolution is revolutionizing the way farmers and agricultural businesses access capital. Founded in 2019, Revolution is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage AgTech startups. The firm is led by a team of experienced investors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about the potential of AgTech to transform the global food system.

Revolution’s mission is to invest in and support the most promising AgTech startups that are creating innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing agricultural challenges. The firm has a particular focus on startups that are developing technologies to improve the efficiency and sustainability of farming operations.

Revolution’s portfolio includes a wide range of AgTech startups, from those developing precision agriculture technologies to those creating new ways to manage livestock and improve crop yields. The firm also invests in startups that are developing new ways to process and store food, as well as those that are creating new ways to market and distribute agricultural products.

Revolution’s investments are designed to help AgTech startups grow and scale quickly. The firm provides capital, mentorship, and access to a network of industry experts to help startups succeed.
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