AgTech startup investor from Singapore: GIC

AgTech startup investor from Singapore: GIC

This article is based on the ranking of the 400 most important AgTech investors.

Singapore’s GIC is a leading investor in AgTech startups, investing in companies that are revolutionizing the way we produce and consume food. GIC has been investing in AgTech since 2013, and has since become one of the most active investors in the space.

GIC’s investments in AgTech span a wide range of technologies, from precision agriculture to food safety and traceability. GIC has invested in companies such as Agri-Tech Solutions, a precision agriculture startup, and Agri-Tech Solutions, a food safety and traceability startup. GIC has also invested in companies such as AeroFarms, a vertical farming startup, and AeroFarms, a food delivery startup.

GIC’s investments in AgTech startups have been driven by its commitment to sustainability and innovation. GIC believes that AgTech can help to reduce food waste, increase food security, and improve the efficiency of food production. GIC also believes that AgTech can help to reduce the environmental impact of food production, by reducing the use of water, land, and energy.

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